A Look at what I love to do!

Ayman Dayekh provides consultancy services in IT, Project, and Product Management. Having successfully delivered different software, infrastructure, and communication projects in the educational and governmental sectors, Ayman can provide your organization with services that fits perfectly with your needs and goals. His state-of-the-art methodology, cutting edge tools, and specialized expertise, will help turn your best ideas into reality.

Project Management Officer Consultant

As a certified International Project Management Officer, I assess the current state, organization structure, practices, and readiness for IT PMOs. I develop strategic and tactical improvement plans for PMO structure, processes, and functions to make sure that programs and projects meet organizational goals and requirements, stay on track, that the staff works efficiently on said projects, and that the workload doesn’t exceed budgets. On the other hand, I oversee PMO implementation and setup process and ensure that the appropriate information gets both to and from the sponsors; providing coaching, direction and leadership to reach a rewarding work environment.

Project Management Consultant

As a Project Management Consultant, I serve as a catalyst for companies to identify and correct inefficiencies in project management workflow, processes, and procedures. I play the role of an advisor to devise and implement solutions to optimize project management processes and quality improvement. I discuss requirements with internal and external clients to analyse business needs, make improvement suggestions, and provide support, workshops, and training sessions to project teams to optimize their efficiency and effectiveness.

IT Management Consultant

I provide assistance to a variety of organizations and help them meet their business goals by creating and developing IT departments including roles, responsibilities, key metrics, performance indicators, salaries and change management. Typical responsibilities for existing IT departments include assessing organization needs, existing systems and solutions, employee skill gap, problematic situations, and formulate unbiased recommendations. I work closely with key stakeholders to create IT strategic plans, recommend a variety of suitable and cost efficient information technology solutions, to improve IT service and performance, as well as solve organization’s technological issues and achieve business objectives..

Business Analyst

As a business analyst, I provide an un-biased evaluation of Digital Solutions including Web and Mobile Application ideas, for the purpose of determining whether the idea is viable and worth pursuing. I provide answers to: can we make it? Is it profitable? What are the resources, budget, and time needed? And so many other questions. The types of Feasibility studies which can be provided are: App /Product Feasibility, Economical feasibility, Market feasibility, and Technical feasibility.

Freelance Project / Product Manager

I execute and manage programs, projects and products for and on behalf of clients, utilizing Waterfall or Agile methodologies; removing impediments and driving decisions, when needed; supporting all phases of assigned projects from initiation through planning, execution, controlling, and closure. My expertise is in Digital Products, IT infrastructure projects, custom-built software, web and mobile applications. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: project discovery and integration; define project scope; create initial backlog, write epics and user stories; project estimations, cost and timeline; designing schedules and budgets; managing sprints; managing risks; recruiting, leading, and monitoring team members and sub-contractors; allocating resources; change management; stakeholder management; make progress reports to senior management.

Corporate Trainer

As a Corporate Trainer, I train employees on new skills, strategies and systems relevant to project and program management in technology, both virtually or in person. I also provide extended training services including design of customized curriculum, instructional and training material, presentations, and exams. I also perform pre-instructional assessments and post-training evaluations.