Professional Assessment & Self Awareness Event

Event Timing: TBA

– Professional Assessment
– Self-Awareness
– What are you Principles?
– Identify your Characteristics
– Understand your Strengths and Weaknesses
– Root Cause Analysis
– Analyze your Characteristics
– Your Future Expectations
– Quantitative Analysis
– Plotting your Plan
– Q&A

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Freelancing to Generate Fresh Dollar Income in Lebanon

Event Timing: June 15th, 2021 @ 18:00 Beirut Local Time

Generating Fresh Dollar income in Lebanon is a game changer for Lebanese youth and professionals. It allows sustainability as well as growth amidst the current adversity and financial crisis.

I will explain about the freelancing opportunities to generate FRESH dollar income working remotely without leaving Lebanon. The presentation will be in Arabic covering the below topics:

– What is Freelancing? Who does it?
– How big is the Freelancing Space and Opportunities?
– What are the existing Freelance Platforms?
– How to Get Paid?
– What are the Skills needed?
– How to Market Yourself?
– Things to Consider
– Q&A