2021 Resolutions Framework

January 6, 2021 Ayman 0 Comments

In 2020, I posted about my 2021 resolutions and how this year mine are not just a to-do list with some fancy visuals. For this year, I went through a rigorous reflection and deep thought exercise along with an action plan with detailed steps and timeline. A personal project initiative with goals and objectives as deliverables.

As I found the approach very effective for me personally, I wanted to share the approach I used, the thought process, as well as the analytical and critical steps involved. I am positive it will be effective if you want to self-reflect on your characteristics, both strengths and weaknesses, and build on that to reach your goals.

It all starts with a self-reflection, continuously iterative exercise; i.e. I have visited my papers and notes many times fine tuning, adding, elaborating more, and over a good period of time, around 5 weeks. I have made it easier using a template which is accessible here. No emails or registration is needed.

I would be glad to help, answer any questions, as well as discuss and review yours. Its human to talk!