Don’t be a Jackass!

January 17, 2020 Ayman 0 Comments

I was in grade 8 and it was our first English Language class that year. All of us students were waiting anxiously for this class with the most famous English language teacher in school. He was famous for his experience, his humor, and most importantly his instructional clipart drawings on all school bulletin boards. Back then when no photo and clipart software existed, those black and white photocopied illustrations were a big thing!

In his first class during that year, he told us an intriguing story about his grandfather’s donkey. Apparently, his grandfather had a donkey which he used to deliver meat within his village. Before starting a trip however, the grandfather would call the name of the person he is delivering the meat to. Surprisingly enough, the grandfather didn’t need to go with the donkey the third time meat is to be delivered to the same person. All what the grandfather had to do was to call the name of the person and the donkey would recall the place and go by itself to deliver the meat.

Whether we believed the story or not is not the interesting part. We all laughed of course but didn’t expect what was coming next. Our English language teacher said: “My grandfather’s jackass remembers persons and places from the second time it was told to it. Don’t be like my grandfather’s jackass!”